WWI Landscapes

I know we talk a lot about the landscape of WWI – and I don’t know how much of it we really can understand without having been there – but this journal I follow which reviews the public domain just highlighted a bunch of really compelling, stark photographs of the landscape of the Western Front. Definitely worth checking out.

2 thoughts on “WWI Landscapes

  1. Looking at these, I am instantly reminded of those old, twilight-zone ish films that cropped up around the atom bomb scare. Looking at these, especially of the gutted villages, I think about scenes featuring apocalypse. The destruction is so pervasive, that i think, how did people have the morale to rebuild? And yet, they did.

  2. These photos were both fascinating, and horrifying, to look at. It’s really saddening to consider the destruction that went on, and it’s scary to consider it was done by humans. It’s also scary to think what destruction would occur if another war took place now, with all the new technology we have developed. I can only hope that our country never reaches that point.

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