Sycamores trees commemorate World War I vets

In this article, among other historical documents, Sycamore trees are planted at the Susquehanna Trail, to commemorate WWI vets who died, and to honor soldiers of Civil War as well. It is very interesting to think that these soldiers now are remembered by living memorials. The trees were planted in the 1920’s to honor the county’s dead in World War I. The article states that the 25-mile planting along Routes 462 and 30 is part of a well-publicized “Road to Remembrance” program.  Another article states, that the trees are now have sadly fallen victim to disease, neglect, wider roads and fast-moving cars. There is a pure irony that the intention was to remember the soldiers of WW1 and now are dying from neglect, and removal by humans like the soldiers who died at the front.

Susquehanna Trail WWI Memorial Sycamores

 (170-year-old eastern sycamore tree witness to Civil War.)

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