Some more little Owen things

Last spring I took Modern Poetry with Dr. Scanlon (and that is when the sis-mance with me and Jordan started) and we read Owen’s work in that class as well, which she has alluded to a few times in class. I went back and looked at the course blog from my MoPo class and found some things I wanted to shared about Owen. All credit goes to my MoPo classmates because these are snippetsĀ taken from their blog posts.

In the bio that was posted about Owen, there were a few interesting images including Owen’s military cross, his preface, and his headstone.

Someone else also shared a few videos of readings of Owen’s poems and the one I am sharing here is a reading of “Dulce et Decorum Est”


10 thoughts on “Some more little Owen things

  1. I completely forgot how much was on that blog about Owen! I have to go back and check it out because even though this class may be over, my fascination with Great War poetry has just begun

    • Girl there is so much stuff on that blog that I completely forgot about! I love going back and reading the things I may have rushed through or never noticed during the course and I cannot wait to do the same thing with this one.

  2. Thanks for sharing all this, it’s so fascinating! It’s great that you were able to pull from your previous class to make such direct and significant connections to this one!

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