Nellie and Home Life

The way Nellie is treated after she gets home is absolutely despicable!  She has just been in war, but everyone thinks she is overreacting because she wasn’t in the thick of it and was not a soldier.  Her mother’s attitude to her alone made me hate her much more than I ever hated Mrs. Bitch.  She’s so preoccupied with how she will look to others because of her daughter’s “disgrace” that she doesn’t see that her daughter is freaking traumatized.  OH!  And the one line I cannot believe was said! “At least they have died doing their duty.” (pg.185).  What.  The. Hell.  She just said to her own daughters face that she would rather Nellie to have died doing her duty than come home from war and not help to war effort anymore.  That kind of selfabsorption is evil.  I honestly loved it when Nellie told her mother she burned her uniform and that she was not going back to the war.  That was great, but I knew her mother was going to blow up at her.  But to say something like that to your own child, she’s not a mother, she’s just an evil woman who will do whatever she can to get what she wants.  Maybe she hasn’t always been that way, and I hope she won’t stay that way, but who she is now, I’d be disgraced to call her my mother.

Side note: The letter from The BF killed me a bit inside, especially the line: “I’m just aching to know the details of poor, dear Tosh’s sad death.  It must have been too thrilling, though very, very tragic.” (pg.179)  I understand that Tosh spoke her mind and was a little vulgar but this vultures curiosity is despicable.  I doubt very much that she is sad Tosh died, she just wants the good gossip about how “her inseparable friend” died.

2 thoughts on “Nellie and Home Life

  1. The idea that people’s deaths were treated like pieces of drama, so theatrically, made me really upset. I hated how the BF profited socially from telling people that she worked with Tosh and knew her intimately; it was the same thing with Mrs. Evans-Mawnington going on about her son’s injury and Nellie’s mother wearing Trix’s metals after her death (which, by the way, OH WOW, how could you just casually mention your sister’s death?? And how it happened months before? I guess it speaks to how emotionally dead she was!)

  2. I feel like there should be some leeway given between those on the front and the women who are back home, but also like lowkey BF needs to chill out. But I think it’s interesting to see how war has always been seen as a status symbol and it hasn’t changed even today. Like the need to always be one up on Mrs. Evans-Mawnington or to elevate yourself on the front because you knew so so and so and the did this and wow you were there too. The people who see war as this way to elevate yourself above others somehow are also the people who feed into the homefront’s ideologies about why the war was being fought, and in my opinion they don’t seem to “lose” much of themselves because there was nothing really to lose if your entire worldview is based on lowkey brainwashing. The people who feed the ignorance back home just perpetuate the cycle of not knowing how bad war is and intentionally not caring in order to push their agenda.

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