Museum of Valor

Some spoilers for Daly and “Wedding Day”

Museum of Valor

            I went to the museum display at the library where I saw several uniforms from World War I. What I found interesting was the uniform of the British nurse. The uniforms consist of a white apron with a red cross on it, the small nurse hat, and a blue dress that has detachable white arm pieces. Apparently, the white would have been too hard to clean with field conditions, so they decided to make the dresses blue. The detachable white arm pieces allowed for them to be easily washed. This surprised me as in one of the books we read in class, the nurse that greets the men is described as a being in white.

            There was also a display on African Americans in the war. It was described that they were all volunteering quickly and that several more training camps had to be established because of the enthusiasm. However, even in the war, they were treated terribly by the Americans and were one of the last groups of people to get supplies. However, the French gave them supplies and treated them as equals. This made me think of the wedding story where the main character Paul is fine with the French even if he does not want to marry a French girl, but he hates Americans. This hate is deserved though as the one incident described where he meets American men is France has him attacking the men after they call him the “n” word. This also reminded me of Daly’s story where Bob ends up getting Montie court marshaled because he is staying at the house of a French woman even though he and his group were ordered to stay there for the break. The French girl treats Montie nicely and her contempt for Bob can be seen when she questions him and becomes upset with how he treats Montie. It is interesting to see how different nationalities have influenced people’s views on race.

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