World’s Aflame: Not my favorite

So this was the second museum that I got to go to for this class, and unfortunately I have to agree with what Alex said in his post. I just found the Museum of Valor to be a more holistic approach to displaying information about the Great War from all angles (and not in a way that made it seem like what happened was cool or that it was the way things were done.) I found that while World’s Aflame was somewhat informative and tried to give a unique perspective on Fredericksburg’s experience in the war, I couldn’t help but get the feeling that there was something amiss with the exhibit. It just didn’t well with me when I left to go home.

There just seemed to be a lot generalized representation of soldiers and the effort from Fredericksburg. Like I felt like I only got to see a few personal stories if any, especially since this area sent soldiers. Also, Fredericksburg has SO MUCH war history. I expected more, I thought it would be a little more personal and thought provoking than it was. I just found it un-engaging.

Like with the propaganda from the War, it was extremely white washed (not much of a shocker.) I felt like when I was at the Museum of Valor there were valid explanations and really  frank statements about those issues. For example, there was a clear “this was bad, we treated minorities really terribly during this war” message there, but at this exhibit there was really no opportunity given to think on those tensions and how they affected things at large. I just didn’t like it, the lady working there gave me a dirty look when I tried to take a picture of one of the posters and I was just over it in general.

In conclusion, I’m glad I went since it allowed me to drawn comparisons between the two exhibits. But honestly, I wasn’t a fan of this one – sorry Professor Scanlon 🙁