Women in War Propaganda

I know we talked about war propaganda the first week of class, but I kept thinking about how the war was advertised. I fell down a whole of war posters and just wanted to share them.

What I was really interested in was the range of ways that women were depicted within these posters. They go from being a damsel in distress that needs to be saved:


To strong women who would fulfill the roles of the men until the war was over:


To women as nurses in posters recruiting for the Red Cross (which to me, the women in these pictures look both very angelic and in the first one, very motherly) :

To the range of ways they are presenting in posters for war bonds, as mothers, wives, and daughters and also in the conservation posters back at home:

I found a website that has different categories of propaganda here and really enjoyed looking through it. I just really liked being able to see the variety of ways that women were portrayed, both hyperfeminine in some cases and in others more masculine, and the varying techniques to try to gain support for the war both on the war front with pushing men to serve for the sake of their families, the women, and the children, to the home front and the supportive wife and family, back home waiting for their men to return from the fighting.