Forced Positivity

I just wanted to highlight this quote that enraged me: “The world seems determined to see nothing but a horrible, high-spirited, perpetual brightness in us” (Page unknown due to online text). This is so messed up (I would use stronger words but I feel like the f word would be frowned upon on a school blog). Forcing and expecting women to be happy, high spirited, and perpetually at your service is a concept that still plagues women today. For example, any time that anyone ever tells a girl to smile. Or when they say: “you’d be prettier if you smiled”. UGH. Nobody is ever happy absolutely all of the time! This concept really pisses me off because I see it as forbidding women to experience emotions other then positive ones. Everyone experiences all the emotions that you can name at some point in their life and everyone should be free to express those emotions in healthy ways. Forcing women to be positive and cheery all the time leads to emotions being bottled up which is damaging to a person’s mental state. Being forever happy about having to drive an ambulance full of injured, and dying men all night every night after a full day of chores and hauling those same men to a cemetery is a ridiculous expectation. It is more than understandable that all of them are going insane and are pissed off at Commandant.