WWI Meet Riverby, Riverby Meet Basically My Whole Class

I’m one of the lucky few people that gets to work downtown (not sarcasm, I really do love my job) and so I’m always getting the new things people put in their shop windows. Lately, it being October and all, there have just been a lot of scarecrows, but I walked past Riverby (I’m currently typing this on my phone on the way to my car because I’m super excited about it and you all should be too) and saw in their window a sign saying they just got in some WWI books! Obviously, it’s 12:30 at night and so Riverby isn’t open (otherwise I’d be in there checking out what they have), but just thought it was something cool! Has anyone taken a look at any of these books? Which ones did they have?

I’m a super sucker for books—I read a new one every week just for fun (my goal this year is to read 39 before I graduate, that’s just about one for every three days I have left), so maybe it’s just me that’s going to bust down the doors to see these things on my way to work tomorrow, but I hope not.