Video on British Soldier’s Kits

So a couple weeks ago some videos of women’s fashion and VAD Nurse outfits were posted and they were extremely interesting. Well, I guess my computer knows I am in a class about WWI so my youtube is recommending to me WWI related videos. So, here is a video about British Soldiers and their kits during the war that I thought I would share with you all.

The Endings

A Farewell to Arms had over 40 possible endings drafted for it, which, after you’ve read the real ending, you may want to see here: Farewell Alternate Endings

LGW Community Exhibits for Extra Credit

These upcoming events, and my expectations for earning extra credit, are described in Canvas–> Assignments–> Extra Credit Reflection or in this document: Fall 2018 Community Exhibits.


Psychic Hemingway Anyone??

Can we also talk about how weird it was that Hemingway wrote in the 1929 version of A Farewell about the Japanese wanting to take control of Hawaii and then literally twelve years later Pearl Harbor happened? Am I missing something? Is this just some huge coincidence?