Wars Effects

I was really surprised that at the beginning of this book I found myself laughing out loud at a lot of the dialog and very direct statements made in the book.  Coming from such as sad story as All Quiet, this was refreshing.

I really like how we are seeing a new side of the war that is horrifying in its own ways.  The insaneness of Mrs. Bitch reminds me of Himmelstoss and how his demands were intense too.  I can’t for the life of me understand why Mrs. Bitch is so jaded and non-understanding.  Simple explanations that are easily proven true are disregarded for what she believes as true.  Her opinions are fact.  I can’t say I’ve never met anyone like that though.  Unwilling to listen to anyone and thinking that their word is law.  All main characters also have a big grudge against both of them and fantasize about hurting/killing them.  After reading about everything Mrs. Bitch is doing I can honestly relate.  I never realized just how much the women in this field suffered, my focus was always on the men at the front and how the war was for them.  War effects everyone and in all kinds of different and messed up ways.  I suppose I just forgot that while learning about war.  Which is a shame because while the men went through hell that doesn’t mean that they were the only ones to go through hell at this point.


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  1. I completely agree. I feel like my education on this war focused primarily on the male side—what it was like to be a soldier, the logistics of the different battles, the recruitment, etc. I never really learned about what it meant to be a woman dealing with such a tragedy as WW1. In all honesty, I’m not even sure I knew they were involved beyond staying at home. I guess I was just trained to believe that only men had been involved in the effort (a sad outcome of the educational system and the way we teach war I’m guessing).

    It really is refreshing to hear about the women of war in such a blunt and real way. It really changes the way I view everything that was going on.

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