Videos- WWI Fashion

I stumbled across this video about WWI women’s fashion without even looking for it. I guess this class is following me, haha.

I also found this one specifically about how nurses dressed.

I thought these were very interesting, especially following our reading of Not So Quiet and our discussion of how Nellie and the other women rebelled in their fashion over time for practicality’s sake. I also thought it was very interesting how many women were abandoning corsets, but nurses were still required to wear them. There’s a lot of very interesting information in these videos. I found it interesting how it was mentioned that most VAD nurses were wealthy volunteers and how this would’ve been these women’s first time out of fashionable clothes. It reminded me of Nellie.

5 thoughts on “Videos- WWI Fashion

  1. I think it was interesting how they mentioned the stockings becoming thinner and how women started to shave their legs. I don’t think many people really interrogate how customs like shaving and how we dress really started or came to be. These videos were very interesting.

    • I agree, I thought that was very interesting. I never knew where that custom came from. From both these videos, it really seems like the WWI era was a big turning point in how women dressed (abandoning corsets, wearing sweaters, shaving legs) which is interesting to consider in relation to the female protagonists in the novels we are studying.

  2. These are fascinating. And I want everyone to compare those scenes in the hospital ward to Remarque, Hemingway, and Borden because….
    Also I need to learn to knit pronto.

  3. When I watched this, I kept thinking about how hot these outfits must have been. There were so many layers! But I liked how they explained the materials and it actually seemed like most of the layers were thin and breathable, so many these outfits were not as gross, thick, hot and stuffy as I always assumed they would be.

    • Also, I found it very interesting the number of each layer that these nurses had to have in order to keep up this clean and angelic image they were told they had to be.

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