Secondary Trauma

So I was thinking about what it would be like to see such graphic destruction from endless convoys on an already exhausted, hyper alert ambulance drivers and nurses. I had read ahead and was intrigued by the scenes were Bug has to be held down during the air raid sirens and how she reacts when she sees the faceless man. Most of this, and I might have misread it, was chalked to extreme fatigue because when she is sedated and sleeps, she wakes up as though nothing had happened. I definitely think fatigue can do this to a person, as someone who struggles with insomnia myself. But I couldn’t help but wonder about the deeper traumas of seeing second hand the graphic nature of the front lines and mechanized killings. I also happened on this article about “secondary trauma” and another that directly discusses extreme fatigue and secondary trauma with nurses.

1 thought on “Secondary Trauma

  1. I was thinking the same thing. It is so scary to me how Bug started to act when she started lacking much needed rest. While this was happening, I wanted to punch Mrs.Bitch in the face because she was doing nothing to help Bug. Clearly, Bug had mental issues going on that needed addressing. The description of how skinny an pale she was made it apparent she was not well, but she just kept getting pushed. As for the graphics these nurses see, I would compare this to a nurse’s version of shell shock. It is not so much the bombing that nurses are scared by, but the injuries they see on a daily basis that will haunt them forever.

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