Miriam and Paul

I thought it was interesting that in both The Marriage and Not Only War, characters had their minds changed about white people through becoming close with nice individuals (or individuals that appeared nice) who were white.   It made me think if this would be the journey for more characters in Not Only War, would they all come to terms with each others race or will blood be spilled? Though Paul ended up worse off by the end, it makes me wonder if that will be Miriam’s journey as well.

I’m also very interested to see how far this love triangle goes and what happens because of it.  Poor Montie is just being strung along at this point, even though Miriam seems not to be very much into Casper yet.  The pace of the book suggests that she will like him more I think.  I have a feeling that Casper is going to be in the war in charge of him causing more tension.

What did everyone else think about this first section and the reading we had with it?  Do you think characters will learn to get along regardless of race or will things go even worse?  What do you think about the “love triangle”?

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