Madhouse of an Operating Room

After reading the “In the Operating Room” chapter of The Forbidden Zone, I was surprised, though I shouldn’t have been, of the absolute madhouse of a working environment for the doctors and nurses.  Seeing then have three different patients, with a variety of illnesses, and three sets of doctors in the same room talking over each other was chaotic and disconcerting.  I am surprised that they were able to get their jobs done even a bit correctly when there are so many patients that need to be seen and attended to at one time.

What did you all think?  Did you expect the hospital to be so crowded and unmanageable?

2 thoughts on “Madhouse of an Operating Room

  1. What surprised me even more was in “Rosa!” I probably shouldn’t be so surprised by it caught me completely off-guard that they were wiling to bring the man who tried commit suicide back to life just to shoot him again later on in order to kill him for his disobedience. It’s such a terrible thing and should not have been allowed. I don’t understand how they could heal someone, just to kill that person later on. That really bothered me.

    • I had this same thought and feeling! It made me sick and sad to think of them making an example of this man, humiliating him and using him as a symbol of ‘what not to do’ when it comes to getting out of this war, when I believe all he wanted to do was end it all because the war had already ended all of him.

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