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I found this really interesting video about WWI here that is about a few creepy photos taken during the war and the history behind them.  Warning for some of the pictures being disturbing (disfigured faces).  In the video they talk about The Wall Of Masks, Russian Gas Masks, Battle of Passchendaele: Dead Forest, The Armoured Soldier, and The Shell Shocked Soldier.  It’s close to 8 minutes long.

2 thoughts on “Informational Video

  1. The Wall of Masks was oddly uncomfortably beautiful. The injuries that the men suffered is far from beautiful and I don’t want to be the person to glorify or romanticize war, but the way in which this was very much like an art piece really engulfed it. It is a physical representation of what these men had to deal with and that image sits heavy in my heart now. We are more accepting of physical deformities now and have a lot of surgeries to try to “normalize” these type of things but back during the war there weren’t many options. I think that the lady that stepped up and helped make prosthetics or masks for these men was very sweet and caring. That part was what touched me the most.

    Also, seeing the face of the Shell Shocked Soldier really broke my heart. Having a face to put with the term now is incredibly haunting. That image just showed how broken this man, and all the men who suffered from shell shock actually were.

    Thank you for sharing this video. As hard as it is to watch, it is very informative and gives a lot of good background and the stories behind each of them.

  2. “Medical technology was lagging severely behind military technology.” How scary it must be to know how great the chances of disfigurement are and how unlikely it will be that you will recover or even so much as be properly treated. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to sacrifice so much for your country and then to be so disfigured or broken from it, you’re almost unwelcome in it.

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