Hitler was a WWI soldier?

I never knew that the Germans weren’t the first to make chemical gas for fighting.  I was also really surprised that Hitler never used chemical gas on the battlefield, though I doubt he did so purely for humane reasons as he was, y’know, Hitler, so in my mind he most definitely had other motivations to not use gas attacks.  On the topic of Hitler as a WWI soldier, I got interested and decided to look up some more about that. Here

Apparently, he was a very lucky soldier, in his first battle in the Bavarian Regiment, of the 3,000 men that were in the army, 2,500 survived and he happened to escape without a freaking scratch.  Him being uninjured became a Thing, it was often that he would move a tiny bit then a shell would come down and kill everyone where he just was. Though, he did get wounded in his leg once which actually gave him a break from the Front and when he went back he got caught in a chlorine gas attack.  He also painted whenever the fighting ceased (though he was apparently not good enough for art school, but that’s a whole other story.)

I found this cool video about Hitler almost dying on the battlefield here but I can’t quite confirm or deny it.  From what I could find it seem’s to be that Hitler says it happened but some people think he made it up to show that this great war hero for the British saved him.  I like to think it’s true because of the craziness of it.

I can’t confirm or deny this next thing, but I remember hearing that he cut his mustache like how we know it, so that it would fit into his gas mask during WWI but I couldn’t find sources.

If you know more on any of this I’d love to know.



93 thoughts on “Hitler was a WWI soldier?

  1. Dude! It totally surprised me too! I feel like I should’ve known or at least guessed that he was more involved in this war but…

    Also, about him being a really lucky soldier…wow.

  2. Dude! It totally surprised me too! I feel like I should’ve known or at least guessed that he was more involved in this war but…I just didn’t. It’s crazy though how he was able to dodge so many things. I wonder if his luck in this war fed at all (my guess is 100% yes) into the ego that in part made him become such a threat to humanity later on

  3. I knew Hitler was into art and history and wasn’t accepted into art school, but I never knew he was a soldier in the Great War. I love the supplementary video and article; they’re very informative. After reading and hearing about his experiences, I can see now how they led to what happened later on.

  4. Mustaches, if you look at modern day pictures of soldiers in the US armed forces, you will notice the mustache does not go beyond the corner of the lips for length. In the Air Force, I can say it is a rule based on AFI (Air Force Instructions) for appearance. Some guys will grow one out during mustache March contests, but many will not keep it due to the Hitleresque appearance the short sides require. It is important to not have a beard and a short mustache so you can get a good seal on your gas mask. If you go into the gas chamber (training with low doses of gas that will not kill you, but still has side effects), you must be able to maintain a good seal as soon as the mask is put on. IF you don’t, your air supply is compromised and it is a warning of how fatal gas can be.

    On the topic of gas masks, you can still smell the gas tainting your air supply. The charcoal canisters can only remove toxic elements so the gas won’t kill you. They don’t cleanse the scent itself so you remember it after you have to do the stand for five minutes in the chamber, wait for your turn to take off your mask, take it off to inhale (this level will not kill you, it’s a warning form of training), gag or gasp or cry to pissing your pants and choking.

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