I mentioned this short story in class and felt I had to share. THIS is why I love Hemingway. He assumes we are intelligent enough to follow along with his plotlines and provides no fluff to cloud his stories. I think after reading this a lot of people will have a new appreciation for his style of writing.

This piece is less than four pages long and definitely worth checking out.

Hills Like White Elephants

3 thoughts on “Hills

  1. I remember reading this piece in Engl 295. It is interesting how much is left explicitly unsaid, but can be gleaned from the dialogue. I think Hemingway is an author who doesn’t really expand on emotions (maybe because of stereotypical masculinity, i dont know) but he uses language, instead, to convey what’s going on. We see this in the book when the language breaks down and you see Henry drinking more and more, but he never really goes into this is how I am feeling and why I am drinking so much. We have to infer that on our own.

  2. I remember this being the first thing I ever read by Hemingway and it was fourish years ago in my 11th AP English class. Back then it broke my heart and still today breaks it. The avoidance of the topic, a silence in a way, is very well down and tell more than saying what is happening would. I personally like Hemingway’s style as well and don’t really mind how he avoids discussing in detail emotions. Just something about his style and approach to language and writing really intrigues me.

  3. I also read this in 295 and have no trouble admitted now that I read it completely out of context. Back then my sophomore pride was wounded. I guess what threw me off was the drinking. Back in the day the harmful effects of drinking while pregnant were not really known like smoking so maybe that’s why there is so much of it going on in A Farewell to Arms. Plus yeah those activities do have a certain air to them if you want to show the destructive quality of your character. I love how the scenery in Hills Like White Elephants mimics that of a pregnant woman’s belly but it is such a subtle image that if you miss the gist of the conversation it becomes merely a backdrop. I will also say my sophomore self was so pleased at saying how the setting of the train station mimicked the start and stop of the awkward and slow moving dialogue that could be found in the text. Maybe I did know what I was doing back then? I would like to say I have grown in my knowledge of how to interpret English texts but I still have no clue. I was naive then, now I’m less naive but none the wiser when it comes to Hemingway. I like him though. I don’t know why. I think you fall into a rabbit hole if you try to analyze why certain types of people just attract your interest even when they may not be the best person, are any of us though? Just something about him resistants with me. Maybe the emotionlessness and de-romanticization of the worlds he creates. I think that speaks to every pessimist out there.

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