Happy Halloween!

Hey, everyone! This isn’t exactly related to class, but since it’s Halloween, I thought it would be cool to celebrate with a piece of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. This is the clip where Snoopy is in the role as a World War I flying ace on a mission to shoot down The Red Baron.

I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween! Enjoy your festivities and be safe!

Edits: I found a higher quality clip that included a part that wasn’t in the clip I originally included.

2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Dang it, Laura! I was just about to get up here and post the same thing but you beat me to it. I love that movie though and think it is pretty cool how popular culture relates to our class in certain ways. It also ties back to the idea of politics and cartoons that was mentioned on the blog earlier this year. Hope everyone has a safe All Hallows’ Eve.

  2. Fun fact: The legend of the Red Baron and Snoopy was written about in a song by The Royal Guardsmen and went to number one in New Zealand (but nowhere else in the world).

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