Baby and Catherine

I thought it was interesting to see all of the talk from Fredrick and Cathrine about the baby, as it was kinda disturbing to me.  Such as the lines, “He had something in his two hands that looked like a freshly skinned rabbit and hurried across the corridor with it.” (324), or the line by Cathrine “She won’t come between us, will she?  The little brat” (304) and when the doctor asks Frederick if he is proud of his son, he replies “No, he nearly killed his mother” (325) and he even says he feels no feeling of fatherhood.  They pretty obviously don’t want this child and wish it wasn’t going to be born.  But, if they actually do wish to have the kid, then they are some pretty pessimistic/messed up parents.

Also, I thought it was really interesting that Catherine ends up dying of a hemorrhage just like the man at the beginning of the novel that hemorrhaged above Fredrick on the way to the hospital right after Fredrick was injured.  I thought it was a nice way to tie the beginning to the end of the book.  It also made me think about how the blood that washed over Fredrick, in the beginning, could symbolize the blood he has on his hands for Cathrine’s death.  As emphasized by Ferguson many times throughout the book that Fredrick would end up hurting and or getting Cathrine pregnant or in a bad situation.

3 thoughts on “Baby and Catherine

  1. I think both Catherine and FH’s attitudes/response towards the baby show how detached they were from reality, especially toward the end of the novel. I don’t think they grasp that this is another human life; FH doesn’t even recognize his baby is dead when he first sees it (with your first quote).

    • I also think, however, that maybe their attitude towards the baby is a result of their realization of reality as well. Like they have been living in this fantasy where everything is sweet and they have each other and everything will work out. There is no true responsibility. But with this baby that, there is a responsibility. Cat sees that it will start to take time away from them being together because they will have to care for it. I think it shows an immaturity of their characters, even though they have been through all of this horrible stuff. It is almost like everything they have been through is starting to cause them to mentally degenerate.

  2. That ending made me so mad. First of all, Frederick never wanted anything to do with his soon to be born child. Second, Catherine made it sound like the pre-born baby was a nuisance that she tried to take care of herself without it affecting Frederick in any way. She obviously cared more about Frederick than her child. Even in the emergency room while she’s giving birth, she keeps comforting Frederick that everything is alright and that she will give birth to this baby. She wants her “husband” to never be upset. It just amazes me how they valued their fantasy life so much that they could disregard their child like that.

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