Am I A Sociopath Or Do I Just Enjoy Good Writing?

I really love Mary Borden’s style of writing. I love poetry and I feel like her style is prose poetry, which is definitely one of my favorite styles because I LOVE descriptions and imagery. Normally I don’t like when writers just make lists and “take you around the town” or wherever scene is that they are describing, but the way she does it is beautiful and I am really enjoying reading this. Plus, I also love reading about anything to do with war. I don’t why, but I’ve always been fascinated by it. Either I am a dark person or just like history, who knows. My dad loves reading about war too, so maybe it’s hereditary (JK I’m adopted, so I really don’t know)? Anyways, the way she described the bombing in Belgium is so beautiful. Like, I shouldn’t enjoy reading about a sleeping town getting bombed, but I totally am. It’s so poetic and her descriptions are so pretty. I feel a little sociopathic.

1 thought on “Am I A Sociopath Or Do I Just Enjoy Good Writing?

  1. If you are than I suppose I am too. I also really enjoyed her writing and the imagery she used. I think it is so different and so similar to everything else we have read so far. I also really liked that she had a lot of the perspective of the civilians in her work. Even though she was close to the war, she made sure to include the perspectives of the people and how it was hard for them. I have really liked what I have read so far (as much as you can enjoy a book about senseless killing and war).

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