A Living Air Museum

WW1 was the first war to use air warfare with aircraft in a limited function. Previous to this war, air inflated craft were used for surveillance and limited attacks. When I was assigned to RAF Lakenheath (a US Air Force Base in England), my introduction to the base included a trip to Duxford. It hosts the largest living Air Museum in the world and is a part of the Imperial War Museums located in England. I’m sharing a bit of my experience there and a link to some of the First World War objects in their digital collection. If you ever have the chance to visit the UK, please make a trip out to this place. It is incredible and lives up to the name living air museum. A large number of their air craft are set up for actual flight and not just for display. My favorite area was a massive aircraft barn that had several dozen aircraft in various stages for a rebuild to working status.


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  1. I appreciate you sharing this. When I was abroad this summer and I mentioned that I was taking this class in the fall, my professor made a comment along the lines of…”Well, have you gone to the WWI memorials?” They were everywhere, just blocks from the campus I was studying at.

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