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File on Sassoon from UK National Archives, including his letter denouncing the war:


Wilfred Owen’s official return to England and medical board forms, UK National Archives:

Owen awarded the Military Cross, UK National Archives:

Can’t Get Enough! Ring in Winter Break with More Great War!

Peter Jackson’s documentary They Shall Not Grow Old, which colorizes and adds the speech to film footage from the Great War, will play in Fredericksburg on December 17 at Regal Cinema on route 3.  Info HERE. Tickets are now on sale.

We’ve posted the trailer on the blog already, but here it is again:

See you there.

Addie’s Post on African American Soldiers

First published some time ago, but even more relevant as we work on Daly, you can read it HERE.

Armistice Articles

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Armistice Ceremonies in France in pictures

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The Courage and Folly of WWI (pics)

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Canadian Remembrance (pics and song)

Blog Post on Centenary (plus song)

For My Owen Lovers

I read this piece over the weekend about marking the 100th anniversary of Wilfred Owen’s death. Mary Borden also gets a shout out.

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When You Can’t Get Enough of the Great War

I read this in the most recent issue of the New Yorker and thought some of you might want to also, as we are now just shy of a week from the anniversary of Armistice.  The article covers history about that event (how was the Armistice forged? what happened in the days before it? what were some of its terms?) and more broadly (why did the Germans feel confused and angry at the Armistice)?  Additionally, it touches on propaganda, attitudes toward the conflict, and the role of African American troops, which is a topic we will be turning to with our next book.  Warning: parts will make you angry:

Image result for world war I armistice america

A few images from Caporetto

Images of the retreat:

Italian POWs, one of the largest surrenders:

The Endings

A Farewell to Arms had over 40 possible endings drafted for it, which, after you’ve read the real ending, you may want to see here: Farewell Alternate Endings

LGW Community Exhibits for Extra Credit

These upcoming events, and my expectations for earning extra credit, are described in Canvas–> Assignments–> Extra Credit Reflection or in this document: Fall 2018 Community Exhibits.